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Over the years a few there have been a few rock climbs that have really motivated me to push a bit harder.  The Naked Edge in Eldorado Canyon outside of Boulder Colorado was certainly one of those.  So when I get me next assignment for climbing magazine to shoot Jim Erickson who put the freaking route up in 1971 ( Its 2020 for those not keeping track) I am thrilled.  This is one of the  great opportunities my job affords me and I get to meet a Legend. It went something like this:

Jim - “Ok I’ll see you at 4pm that should give me enough time to run and get some webbing for a swami belt”

I hang up the phone a shortly after I’m off to Eldorado Canyon with Jim. We stroll across the bridge and begin to rack up in the last light of the canyon.

Jim - “I forgot my hammer holder oh well this will have to work” Jim tucks the hammer in his swami belt, throws the rope over his shoulder and off we go. In 1971 the year Jim and Duncan did the FFA of the naked edge this would have been a pretty normal scene.

However in 2020 we must have looked insane to the kids nervously racking up next to us. Fortunately for me I was not about to embark on Eldo’s test piece in a swami wielding a hammer.

Today we were shooting with Jim and Climbing Magazine for the 50 year Anniversary Issue which is on stands now! Jim wrote a rad article in Talk of the Crag which gives a bit of historical perspective on climbing gear then and now.  For those who are apposed to picking up paper there will also be an online version to you never have to even have to put that cell phone down.


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